We are at Kathmandu now!

Hello everyone,

2008 ATUNAS ChoOyu climbing team now is at the capital of Nepal~Kathmandu!
I'm very sorry that I must write by English.

Our bagages are all safely arrived the airport yesterday, thanks god!

Today we go the the famous climbing equipment street, the cars and the motor there are all crazy!
Im the morning we have some disscusion with our climbing agent for the cooperating.

Everything is ok but the climbing permit.
The Chinese Mountaineering Association said we will get the permit tomorrow, I really wish it is true...
If we can't get it tomorrow, we must continue to stay in Kathmandu for waiting.

Kathmandu is a very interesting place, the people here are all very friendly.
But because the cloudy weather, we still can't see any mountain arround.

Every member of our team is in very good situation.
Umi is very exited and cost many time to prepare his equipments.
Jyh is still very cool and read his novel.
Chang is vey enjoy her mood before her expedition.

It's too late now, I have to go to sleep.

Wish tommorow is a lucky day too!

Lien, 2008.09.09 midnight at Kathmandu